terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2014


Leaving therefore all malice , and all guile , and hypocrisies , and envies, and all evil speakings ,
Desire affectionately , as newborn babes , the , not fake , so that by it ye may grow thereby rational milk;
If indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious ;
And they came unto a living stone , disallowed indeed of men , but chosen and precious God

1 Peter 2:1-4 .

The normal behavior of today's society is what it says in the above apostle Peter . A full of lies ( deception ) , pretense, envy and murmuring . Malicious behavior only valuable for those who master it all, because today people are embarrassed to be honest . The honest is seen as a boring , moralistic face and therefore have to be out of most of this group forward, and updated .

Peter in his time already lived it and said get out of it , leave it , if it ever tasted that the Lord is good .

If you do not know Christ , this behavior is very normal for total lack of knowledge of what is good , what he calls fake milk. But if we are Christ's , have drank the pure milk , which is his love , and his word , so there is no room for even if you want the rottenness of the world . Who lives on the farm knows what it is , drink pure milk , and upon arriving in the city , feel obliged to drink milk mixed with water , and even with other chemicals , which are bad enough everyone's health .

The sincere milk of Christ and his word makes us grow strong and vigorous , while the fake milk, which is the ethics of the world, and its policy of taking advantage at all , only makes us decreasing , only makes us fall , and finished like that of the prodigal son parable told by Jesus , eating acorns along with the pigs.

Our best course of action is to draw near to Christ, who is " living stone , rejected indeed by men , but with God elect, precious . "

It's easy to know if we are doing God's will , just do not follow what the media has accepted as the best thing in the world , for all that too draws media attention is usually moral garbage and this is what separates us from God .

Jesus is chosen and precious living stone , rejected by men but because human society loves more things of darkness than his marvelous light .

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